The Current Pokemon Of the Week is Absol!!!

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Past Pokemon Of the Week

 Critical Condition!!

Moveset: Nightslash, Psycho Cut, Slash, and Superpower

Item: Razor Claw

Ability: Super Luck

Evs: 4HP/ 252Atk/ 252Spe

Nature: Adamant/Jolly

As far as I'm concerned this is the preffered moveset, although much of it is based off of luck, you see with super luck and razor claw and these moves, Absol has a 50% chance of getting a Critical Hit and dealing double damage.

Nightslash, slash, and psycho cut were all chosen because of their crit rate. and Superpower fits in the last slot because it is extremely powerful and has good type coverage.

the Evs here are pretty simple, you want to be able to sweep with critical hits here.

Now as far as nature goes i think that Jolly is better because it gives him the edge over most pokemon as far as speed goes, however if you believe that he is fast enough already than you can use adamant to strengthen his already strong attack.

Its your choice

Moveset: Night Slash, Psycho Cut, Superpower, and Aerial Ace

Item: Choice scarf/ Choice band

Ability: Super Luck

Evs:4HP/ 252Atk/ 252Spe

Nature: Adamant or jolly

So if you like the stat boosts that the choice items give than this would be the set that you like better.

The moveset is pretty simple Night Slash and Psycho Cut keep a high crit ratio. and superpower once again is very strong, Aerial Ace is put on to take care of anything that tries to evade you because of its sure hit capability.

Super Luck is a much better ability than pressure for a Sweeper like absol, because them losing pp doesn't help you unless you are stalling.

The Evs Are simple again because you want to sweep.

The nature depends on which choice item you plan on using. Jolly going with the choice band while Adamant pairs up with the choice scarf, so that you keep both the attack and speed high. 

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